The 3 partners at Broken Arrow Spirits have watched the evolution of fine Whiskey come a long way in Colorado over the last 7 years. Having been unsatisfied with the national progression of the whiskey transformation, we envisioned a niche’ for a smoother, more delicious and homegrown Whiskey.

Created by using all Colorado grown native ingredients, along with the use of our fractioning still, we twice distill for flavor: giving birth to a more palatable, higher quality, and more flavorful Whiskey called BRANCH & BARREL.

Broken Arrow Spirits Distillery grew out of our strong feeling of patriotism to our Country and our Western heritage. We believe in the single truth of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness; Life: referring to our quality of life. Liberty: meaning we support our veterans and active military. And Pursuit of Happiness: remembering that if we work hard, success will follow.

The Broken Arrow meant Peace and Friendship to Native Americans. We 3 owners believe in that also, and have been friends and enjoyed outside working relationships with each other for some 20 years. We came together to bring joy and friendship to the Whiskey.

BRANCH & BARREL is a smoother more palatable and flavorful Whiskey with 3 distinctive flavors; traditional White Oak, a finer Red Oak, and a delicate Red Plum in proofs of 84 to 90.

Master Masher & Flying Spiriter

ryan morgan

Flying Spiriter

scott freund.png

Scott Freund

Welding Wizard

tom sielaff.png

Tom Sielaff 

Snake Oil Purveyor


Ron Johnson

Sales & Distribution Ninja

Rick Profile pic.png

Rick Warren

The brawn


Fred Taylor

Accounting Acrobat

Dylan Profile Pic.png

Dylan Warren

Master Masher